Illium was born from a single idea – making one-off decor pieces that are handcrafted, follow fine art aesthetics, zero-waste principles – and sharing it with the world at an affordable price. It is founded by Designer-Maker Shailpik Biswas and is based out of his studio in Kolkata. Most of the materials are locally and ethically sourced and are often upcycled and recycled from various discarded things.

We focus on longevity and ease of use in all our designs, thus making sure there are no compromises in the actual functionality of the product. We are proudly artist-owned and operated. We are transparent in our processes and find joy is sharing our designs with artisans and other designers and makers.

We also take pleasure in making customised, bespoke pieces for you. You can submit a request for such a piece using the custom-order form.